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Smart Maintenance Business Lunch Europort 2017 - Marstrat - IFS

Smart Maintenance, what’s next?

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On November 8th maritime consultancy firm Marstrat and software provider IFS will host the second consecutive Smart Maintenance Business Lunch at Europort 2017 in Rotterdam. In line with the fair’s main theme ‘maximising vessel performance’, this year’s topic of the business lunch is: ‘Smart Maintenance, what’s next?’

Early September 2016 Marstrat and IFS organised the first business lunch at SMM Hamburg to put ‘smart maintenance’ as a topic in the limelight. The event was attended by high-level representation from the maritime industry, knowledge institutions and governments. Marstrat and IFS are looking forward to organise another successful event with an impressive panel of industry experts.

The Dutch are renowned for a constant eye to search for innovative new solutions as well as the willingness to experiment with new technologies. Combined with a flexible attitude and drive to join forces in project specific coalitions. This mentality proves to be a valuable asset for developing innovative ‘out of the box’ solutions. Current developments like autonomous shipping and the rapid increase of offshore windfarms call for smart solutions, creating opportunities for the Dutch maritime industry. Existing methods and techniques are often product based. While these opportunities call for a ‘system approach’. By making smart combinations and coalitions Dutch companies can play an important role in finding high quality solutions. Digital transformation is becoming a leading factor, creating more and more opportunities.

Connectivity and real-time data communication are distinguishing drivers. Especially developments like Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing. The availability of real time data increases rapidly. To be able to gain advantage from this data, it needs to find its way to centralized and intelligent systems. Creating competitive advantage through data analysis calls for clever interpretation strategies. Answering questions like: what would be the best next step? How can individual company initiatives be brought to the next level? How to develop industry standards? How to train and develop the workforce and how to evolve ICT solutions? In other words: WHAT’S NEXT?


Due to circumstances this event was cancelled.


Smart Maintenance Business Lunch 2016 : a recap

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On September 7th the Smart Maintenance Business Lunch was held in the Radisson Blu Hotel next to the SMM venue in Hamburg. The three course theme lunch, welcomed over 100 executives from the international maritime industry. It offered opportunities for networking as well as learning from the sector´s frontrunners on the subject operational excellence and cost reductions through smart maintenance.

The event was opened by Mrs. Monique van Daalen, the Dutch ambassador to Germany, who also held a key-note speech on opportunities the German market has to offer to the Dutch Maritime industry. The ambassador was followed by the inspiring launch of Drecht Cities Maritime Delta, presented by ´founding father´ Mayor Richard Korteland. For the business lunch, two expert panels comprising of leaders from industry’s value chain, were drawn up. Marstat’s Meindert van Genderen proved to be a skilful moderator of the panels that discussed challenges, opportunities and latest developments connected with smart maintenance.

The first panel included AIDA Cruises´ Dr. Monika Griefahn, Commodore Peter Knipping of the Royal Dutch Navy, Martin Gunnarsson of enterprise software solution provider IFS and Pieter Boersma of the applied scientific research organization TNO. The panel discussed feasibility and challenges that come with improving operational excellence and cost reductions through smart maintenance. The overall consensus is the technology is available and ready to be implemented. Willingness to implement and rely on technology is the limiting factor.

The second panel included Fred van Beers of Blohm + Voss, Wouter Kruijt of Royal IHC, Timothy Nichols of Siemens, Patrick van Eerten of Royal Boskalis Westminster and Hans Voorneveld of maritime network organization Netherlands Maritime Technology. These industry leaders shared their views on feasibility and opportunities. The outcome was that the current situation urges the industry to approach maintenance in a holistic way. Today, maintenance is all about connecting and interpreting information in a clever way, resulting in more efficient maintenance and lower operational costs. Innovating in this area with the complete value chain, including research and knowledge parties, creates opportunities that could lead to a strong competitive edge when executed properly.

The Smart Maintenance Business Lunch was organized by IFS and Marstrat BV. It proved to be particularly interesting to the participating guests as various leading maritime organizations openly shared insights on their respective businesses and their perspective on the distinguishing factor of smart maintenance. This enables other organizations in the value chain to learn and benefit, resulting in increased operational efficiency in the challenging maritime environment.


SMM Smart Maintenance Business Lunch - Marstrat IFS

Dutch Maritime Industry Poised to Take Advantage of Smart Maintenance

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IFS and Marstrat host a business lunch on Smart Maintenance at the SMM in Hamburg

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, and Marstrat BV, maritime strategy consulting firm, are challenging maritime branch experts to consider market innovation using smart maintenance. During the world’s largest maritime trade fair, SMM in Hamburg, they will organize a business lunch on 7 September, with 150 experts from the industry value chain. Monique van Daalen, Dutch ambassador to Germany, will open the Smart Maintenance Business Lunch.

‘Smart maintenance’ is the theme of panel discussions, supervised by a professional moderator. The wide variety of maritime businesses provide a broad view of this theme and stimulate a multi-disciplinary exchange of knowledge and innovation. Participating speakers are employed by shipyards, shipping companies, contractors, maintenance companies, and important suppliers. The business lunch is powered by Royal Boskalis Westminster, Croonwolter&dros, Royal IHC, Drecht Cities Maritime Delta, Netherlands Business Support Office Hamburg, Netherlands Maritime Technology, Siemens, Marstrat and IFS Benelux.

Dutch companies differentiate by being agile, experimental, and by cooperating in alternating coalitions. New developments in the Dutch maritime industry are mostly driven by cost consciousness. Now that fuel prices have dropped, there is more interest in decreasing operational costs of assets through preventative maintenance and shore-based directions. Developments such as autonomous sailing and the expansion of offshore wind parks are stimulating the need for smart solutions. However, the available methods and techniques are often product-related, while there is a need for system solutions. Dutch companies may play an important role in solving this issue.

SSM Hamburg is the largest international trade fair of the maritime industry. More than 50,000 professionals worldwide visited the fair in 2014. The Netherlands is well-represented thanks to a Holland presentation of nearly 1,000 m2, many individual stands and visitors from our country, the presence of a marine ship, a hospitality program and a network reception.

The Smart Maintenance Business Lunch is free for official invitees; entry price for other interested parties is 95 euros. Detailed information can be found at

maritime quickscan myanmar

Mogelijkheden in Myanmar – Maritime Quickscan Myanmar

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Gorinchem, 31 maart 2016. Zo’n 30 deelnemers uit de maritieme sector waren vandaag aanwezig bij Damen Shipyards in Gorinchem om uit eerste hand te vernemen wat de resultaten van de maritime quickscan  Myanmar waren. Professor Charlie Than, voormalig rector van de Maritime University Myanmar heeft samen met Marstrat Maritime Consultants op verzoek van Nederland Maritiem Land en het Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu het onderzoek uitgevoerd.

Na een korte introductie door Gijs Busser van Damen Shipyards vertelde professor Than welke maritieme aspecten onderzocht zijn in Myanmar en welke kansen er liggen voor de Nederlandse maritieme sector. De conclusie van het onderzoek is dat Myanmar nog aan het begin staat van de maritieme ontwikkeling en dat er voldoende kansen liggen voor de Nederlanders op onder andere het verbeteren van de toegankelijkheid van de haven en de waterwegen, het opzetten van offshore support centers, scheepsbouw en personeelsopleiding. Professor Than raadde de aanwezigen aan om onder de vlag van Maritime Hotspots een integrale agenda op te stellen met de Nederlanders en te verkennen wat op korte en lange termijn realiseerbaar is.

Hierna gaven Bas Hetterscheid (Peterson) en Martine Flokstra (Artsen Zonder Grenzen) nog hun eigen kijk op Myanmar, waarbij de heer Hetterscheid inzoomde op de offshore logistieke mogelijkheden en huidige ondernemingen en mevrouw Flokstra de humanitaire kant van Myanmar toelichtte. Vandaag werd voor het eerst in 52 jaar een democratisch gekozen regering geïnstalleerd. Toch waren er ook tips om nog voorzichtig relaties met Myanmar aan te gaan. Met de transitie van de regering is er ook een groei in fricties tussen etniciteiten en de gezondheidszorg kan verbeteren. Mevrouw Flokstra riep de bedrijven op om vooral zaken te gaan doen, maar niet vergeten te kijken naar de humanitaire kant van het land.

Martin Bloem, dagvoorzitter, sloot de middag af met een korte vragenronde en een samenvatting. Daarnaast gaf hij Wouter Jurgens de kans om zichzelf voor te stellen als eerste Nederlandse ambassadeur in Myanmar. De heer Jurgens gaf aan dat de Ambassade open is for business om Nederlandse bedrijven te helpen zich in Myanmar te vestigen of zaken te doen met Myanmar.

Kortom een geslaagde middag met volop kansen om diverse mogelijkheden van samenwerken in Myanmar te gaan realiseren.


Masterclass Norway

Masterclass Noorwegen – 31 mei

Martin Bloem |

De Scandinavische specialisten van Gateway Norway hebben hun deel van de Noorse markt reeds veroverd. Hoe zij dit hebben aangepakt vertellen zij u graag tijdens de intensieve Masterclass Noorwegen die op 31 mei aanstaande plaatsvindt. De Masterclass Noorwegen wordt georganiseerd door Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) i.s.m. Gateway Norway en wordt ondersteund door Stichting Deal! Drechtsteden.

De Noorse markt

De Noorse offshore industrie kent een uitdagende tijd. Echter, de offshore industrie zal niet verdwijnen, maar bereidt zich voor op betere tijden. In de praktijk betekent dit dat het nu het moment is om nieuwe deuren te openen in Noorwegen om voor te sorteren op toekomstige groei. Recent heeft de Noorse regering een nieuwe wet gelanceerd voor een ‘groene vloot’. Dit houdt in dat de meeste short sea schepen vervangen zullen moeten worden door nieuwbouw. Hierdoor neemt de vraag toe naar fjord-ferries en bijvoorbeeld pallet/RoRo-carriers met elektrische, LNG of anderszins ‘groene’ voortstuwing. Doordat Noorse scheepswerven op zoek moeten naar nieuwe type schepen die nog niet eerder in Noorwegen zijn gebouwd, ontstaan er kansen voor Nederlandse maritiem-technologische bedrijven om de export naar Noorwegen te vergroten. Kortom, de Noorse deuren staan meer open dan gebruikelijk. Zorg dat u er nu een voet tussen krijgt! Lees hier meer marktinformatie.

De Masterclass

De Masterclass Noorwegen wordt gegeven door de heren Jaakko Isotalo en Timo Untinen van Gateway Norway. Zij verzorgen een compact en praktisch programma gericht op sales & marketing en slim te werk gaan lokaal in Noorwegen. De voertaal is Engels. De middag begint vanaf 13.30 uur en eindigt om 17.00 uur met een netwerkborrel.

Bekijk programma


Cultureel Centrum Landvast
Haven 4
2951 GC Alblasserdam

Mogelijkheid voor individueel gesprek met de specialisten op 1 juni

De heren van Gateway Norway zijn de volgende dag op woensdag 1 juni 2016 beschikbaar voor individuele gesprekken voor verdere verdieping op voor u relevante onderwerpen of bedrijfsspecifieke aanpak. Als u van deze mogelijkheid gebruik wilt maken, geef dit dan aan op het aanmeldformulier. De individuele gesprekken zijn in principe voorzien in Rotterdam (zie programma). Wees er snel bij want de agenda’s van beide heren lopen snel vol.


Leden NMT: €100,- excl. BTW per persoon
Niet-leden NMT: €150,- excl. BTW per persoon

Meer informatie & inschrijven

Neem voor meer informatie contact op met Trade Coordinator Arne Heutink via T 088 44 51 021 of E of Trade Promotion Assistant Paulien Viola via T 088 44 51 025 of E


Dit evenement wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door de Stichting DEAL! Drechtsteden, de centrale promotie en acquisitie organisatie van de Drechtsteden



Seminar Maritime Quickscan Myanmar

Martin Bloem |

Nederland Maritiem Land, the Dutch maritime cluster organization and Marstrat are pleased to invite you to the seminar Maritime Quickscan Myanmar on March 31st.

A versatile programme with presentations in the field of offshore, ports and shipbuilding will be offered. A key note will be held by Dr. Charlie Than. Charlie is former rector of Myanmar Maritime University and director of C.P. Than Associates, a marine consultancy firm based in Yangon.

Myanmar is considered a new market, with potential for maritime cooperation with the Netherlands. Since 2011 the market is opening up. The Netherlands have invested substantially in building up a strong relationship with Myanmar in water related subjects. The Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment (I&M) started several initiatives in cooperation with Dutch businesses in the area of integral water management. Nederland Maritiem Land now introduces a dedicated market research, focusing on maritime opportunities in Myanmar. This Maritime Quickscan Myanmar highlights market opportunities. It is executed by Marstrat within the framework of the Maritime Hotspots Programme and will be presented during the seminar.

Date: 31 March 2016
Start time: 14:45
Location: Damen Shipyards, Avelingen-West 20, Gorinchem


  • 14.15 Welcome guests at Damen Shipyards
  • 14.45 Opening and welcome by chairman Martin Bloem
  • 14.50 Introduction by Damen
  • 15.00 Quickscan report Myanmar by dr. C. Than (director at C.P. Than Associates)
  • 16.00 Myanmar Offshore Logistics by Bas Hetterscheid (Peterson)
  • 16.15 Myanmar – twee kanten van de medaille by Martine Flokstra (Artsen zonder Grenzen)
  • 16.30 Conclusions and feedback
  • 17.00 Drinks


Attendance is free of charge for participants of NML or members of affiliated trade associations. If you are not a member, participation costs are € 75,- * (excl. VAT).



If you require additional information, please contact Roegzana Hoesenie,, Nederland Maritiem Land (Maritime by Holland).

Nederland Maritiem Land contracted Marstrat to conduct this market study with support of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and Topsector Water.


Deal Drechtsteden

Management DEAL Drechtsteden

Martin Bloem |

Marstrat Partner and CEO Martin Bloem temporarily took over management of the central acquisition organization DEAL Drechtsteden at the start of 2016.

DEAL! operates in the Drechtsteden area, east of Rotterdam. The interim position will last four to five months and during this period he is responsible for the political evaluation of the organization, and for strategy development. Under Martin’s management the branding campaign, Drechtsteden Maritime Delta, will be initiated. Drechtsteden is home to important Dutch manufacturers, such as Royal IHC, Oceanco, Royal Boskalis, Heerema Fabrication Group, Pon-Bakker and Fokker Technologies, and many medium sized marine suppliers. Martin was chairman of the supervisory council of DEAL until December 2015. DEAL is responsible for international acquisition and promotion of the Drechtsteden region, and is based in the city of Dordrecht.

Marstrat - Damen - Maritime excelence

Gateway Norway and Marstrat combine forces

Martin Bloem |

New logo - Gateway Norway AS - 2014Scandinavian maritime specialist Gateway Norway and Rotterdam based Marstrat BV have entered into a strategic partnership. Both private companies are specialist in their respective territories. Gateway Norway assists companies in entering the Norwegian and other Scandinavian marine and offshore markets, whereas Marstrat covers West Europe and Turkey. Services include market analysis, private matchmaking, investment and sales promotion and trouble shooting.

According to Gateway Norway’s MD Mr. Timo Untinen the new cross border co-operation is unique. ‘We can serve companies all over the world that are interested in doing business in the European market. Our combined networks contains thousands of maritime professionals within our ship owning, ship building and offshore markets. It saves the client months of research and travel if they do business through us. And we can prove our track records within the sector.’ Marstrat Partner Martin Bloem adds: ‘The European maritime market covers 2.2 million jobs and adds € 147 billion to the combined GDP, and technology is concentrated in the greater North Sea area. The opportunities are countless if you have the right contacts.’

Marstrat is a strategic consultancy firm, which provides a unique combination of technological, business and legal expertise in the  maritime sector. Senior experts from the Dutch maritime sector power it. Martin Bloem is former general director of the Dutch shipbuilding association and maintains a high level network within the European industry. More information: contact Bianca Visser at or +31 (0)10-3103080.


Maritime Quickscan Myanmar

Martin Bloem |

Myanmar is considered a new market, holding high potential for maritime cooperation with the Netherlands. Marstrat was asked to execute a Maritime Quickscan Myanmar to identify business opportunities and challenges specifically in the maritime field.

Since 2011 the market is opening up after a 50 year period of closed economy under military rule. The Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment (I&M) already started several initiatives in cooperation with Dutch companies in the area of integral water management. Nederland Maritiem Land now introduces this quick scan, focusing on promising sectors such as ports and terminal development, offshore, shipbuilding and inland navigation. The study is executed within the framework of the Maritime Hotspots Program.


Large Turkish shipyards delegation at Europort

Martin Bloem |

Thirty representatives from the Turkish shipbuilding industry will participate in a trade mission during Europort 2015. From 3rd to 6th of November, they enjoy matchmaking sessions, a shipyard tour, social events and individual business appointments. The trade mission is organized in the framework of 4TuNe, a bilateral Dutch-Turkish program made possible by Dutch government and industry. Participants include a shipyard delegation from Trabzon, co-organized by the Trabzon Chamber of Commerce, as well as a group of companies from Istanbul, organized by GISBIR association.

According to the central organization in Holland, there is a mutual interest in building and maintaining a sustainable short sea fleet. The 4TuNe consortium will develop a dedicated build and finance solution for a specific type of general cargo vessel, using Dutch equipment technology, and Turkish shipbuilding expertise. During the week, various designs will be studied, and shipowners visited.

The week is co-organized by FME, NMT and maritime consultancy Marstrat BV.