A Dutch perspective of the Thai maritime sector: Sound opportunities in supplying specialised products in niche markets.

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  • 26/10/2017
Marstrat shipbuilding - 2

Maritime consultancy Marstrat B.V. and Netherlands Maritime Technology in collaboration with research partner Kasetsart University, have recently delivered a market study to highlight opportunities for Dutch companies in the Thai maritime market.

The Netherlands has an active trading relationship with Thailand and in terms of the maritime sector there is a long history. Today a number of Dutch players are active in the field of equipment supply, vessel construction and maritime services. Given the favourable economic outlook in the region and major government incentives focused on infrastructure improvements, the requirement for modernising the shipbuilding sector is high, although maritime policies and governance could hamper this.

The report gives an overview of sectors such as ports, shipping, offshore, the navy, fisheries, yachting, cruises and ferries. Emphasis is on the shipbuilding and repair industry, whilst the report covers local policies, regulations and institutes influencing the sector.

There is momentum to develop the shipbuilding sector as part of large infrastructure investments in the Eastern Economic Corridor and Chao Praya River as well as other maritime hubs. In particular in respect of specialised vessels as well as ports, delta technology and logistics. Expected requirements are in (eco) design, supervision and supply of equipment as well as support in developing maritime policies and education.

The study was assigned by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bangkok. Interested parties can contact the Embassy by sending an e-mail to ban-ea@minbuza.nl for further information.