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A day in Shipyard Process Improvement

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The last years Marstrat allocated a significant part of its consulting capacity to operational management in leading shipyards. One of the leading shipbuilding companies in the Netherlands used the Marstrat expertise in a major change program. A more cost-effective process, with better re-use of information and better exchangeability of personnel between different business units was the goal; a complete new ICT landscape architecture was the means, and is now being implemented. Marstrat partner Dr. ir. Jenny Coenen gives an insight in the daily challenges of a complex program.

The extent of shipbuilding processes is definitely wide-ranging. It goes beyond the production facilities and logistics one usually associates with building ships or offshore installations. In fact, the main challenge is the interface between departments, process stages or software applications, requiring smart and edgy solutions.

In order to change the extensive process of defining and making a complex product as a ship it should first be properly mapped out, in both the as-is and future state situation. Data architecture should be designed, functional specifications should be written; all even before new software can be selected and evaluated. Then, the aforementioned interfaces and all required customizations to make it work for a specific shipyard organisation, have to be specified and configured. To proceed you have to migrate data and develop training material. And then, to maintain this new situation, you need to have a proper strategy for data and process quality management. Marstrat contributed to all these elements, also for less conventional ingredients like for instance development of ‘serious games’ and data cleansing.

All this doesn’t imply that we consider more ‘classical’ production topics like production automation, shipyard logistics, scheduling and simulation as ‘out-of-scope’. But it is hard to separate this from a solid information infrastructure and that is exactly with what we can help you.

Jenny Coenen

Announcement – Ubald Nienhuis & Jenny Coenen

Jenny Coenen |

Mr. Ubald Nienhuis PhD MBA, partner of Marstrat since its inception in 2015, has decided to pursue a new challenge. Ubald has been very successfully leading various projects in the field of shipbuilding and process design and acted as advisor on performance improvements of leading players in the maritime (construction) sector.

As of May 1, 2018 Ubald has assumed the responsibility as head of Shipbuilding in the Executive Committee of Royal IHC. We are grateful for Ubald’s valuable contribution to Marstrat over the years and wish him all the best in his new role.

Mrs. Jenny Coenen PhD,  consultant at Marstrat since 2015, has been promoted to partner as per June 1 2018.

Jenny combines a solid background in shipbuilding and technological processes with both analytical skills and creativity. As an experienced consultant, trainer and lecturer she worked in both research and industry projects, in ship production and shipyard processes. Jenny is skilled in the fields of maritime processes, data, operations and risk management and adds value to teams that need support in structuring complicated problems. She was affiliated with IHC Dredgers (part of Royal IHC) as Development Engineer and with Technical University Delft as Assistant Professor. Jenny holds an MSc degree in Maritime Engineering and a PhD in Ship Production from TU Delft.

We wish Jenny all the best in her new role. The Marstrat office can be contacted for any requests for consultancy services in Jenny’s field of experience.

Shipbuilding for non-shipbuilders - Marstrat

Shipbuilding for non-shipbuilders – An introduction to the maritime domain

Jenny Coenen |

On November 7th, Marstrat’s Jenny Coenen helped consultants from Deloitte gain more insight into the maritime domain. During the workshop shipbuilding for non-shipbuilders she introduced the ins and outs of the maritime industry to generic consultants who are involved with the industry. But have no specific knowledge of it. The workshop aimed to bridge this gap.

With its dazzling view on Rotterdam and its surroundings, the 35th floor of the Maastoren formed an inspiring scene for an introduction to Shipbuilding. Some forty Deloitte consultants participated in Marstrat’s Shipbuilding-for-non-Shipbuilders workshop, delivered by Shipbuilding Processes consultant Jenny Coenen. The topics of the workshop included: shipbuilding industry, basic ship design theory, ship construction and maritime trends. All in a nutshell, but with the goal to become better equipped for working on projects in a maritime setting.

The workshop has been developed by Jenny Coenen (who also is part-time teacher/researcher at TU Delft) in order to bridge the gap between more generic ICT and/or Business consultants and maritime domain specialists. The course should help to speak the maritime terminology and understand the characteristics of the maritime industry better. The workshop is a combination of presentation and interactive elements (that can be tailored to the audience and extended with elements of serious gaming or case-study assignments). Deloitte opted for the 3 hour version, but of course the topics allow for extension, in order to deal with more advanced content matter.