Groenhuijsen: ‘I say we underestimate Trump’

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  • 03/10/2017
Charles Groenhuijsen - Marstrat - Think and drink

During the annual Think & Drink event of Marstrat BV, Charles Groenhuijsen gave an outline on the consequences of Trump leadership on worldwide trade and the maritime sector. According to Groenhuijsen the world is getting crazier, faster, bigger and more modernised. “We should not underestimate Trump. He still has 40% of American voters behind him and his unpredictability does not mean he will be gone soon.” The world economy is moving forward at high-speed and new technologies in respect of for example block-chain and autonomous shipping will impact the way the industry has been functioning for decades. It is the golden age for entrepreneurship, with data as the new fuel for the economy and Trump is not hampering these developments at all.

Also Raymond Ko, Managing Partner of Marstrat presented a positive outlook. “The maritime sector is leaving the bottom of the market behind. The Baltic Dry Index has recovered steadily last years and new shipbuilding orders, also in the Netherlands, are being placed in a continuing low-interest rate environment and stronger economy.”

The Marstrat partners are ready to face the fast changing maritime environment, together with you as maritime entrepreneur or decision maker. The Think & Drink event took place at Sociëteit De Maas in Rotterdam and was attended by guests from the financial services industry, maritime government bodies, entrepreneurs and the commercial maritime sector.