Smart Maintenance, what’s next?

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  • 12/06/2017
Smart Maintenance Business Lunch Europort 2017 - Marstrat - IFS

On November 8th maritime consultancy firm Marstrat and software provider IFS will host the second consecutive Smart Maintenance Business Lunch at Europort 2017 in Rotterdam. In line with the fair’s main theme ‘maximising vessel performance’, this year’s topic of the business lunch is: ‘Smart Maintenance, what’s next?’

Early September 2016 Marstrat and IFS organised the first business lunch at SMM Hamburg to put ‘smart maintenance’ as a topic in the limelight. The event was attended by high-level representation from the maritime industry, knowledge institutions and governments. Marstrat and IFS are looking forward to organise another successful event with an impressive panel of industry experts.

The Dutch are renowned for a constant eye to search for innovative new solutions as well as the willingness to experiment with new technologies. Combined with a flexible attitude and drive to join forces in project specific coalitions. This mentality proves to be a valuable asset for developing innovative ‘out of the box’ solutions. Current developments like autonomous shipping and the rapid increase of offshore windfarms call for smart solutions, creating opportunities for the Dutch maritime industry. Existing methods and techniques are often product based. While these opportunities call for a ‘system approach’. By making smart combinations and coalitions Dutch companies can play an important role in finding high quality solutions. Digital transformation is becoming a leading factor, creating more and more opportunities.

Connectivity and real-time data communication are distinguishing drivers. Especially developments like Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing. The availability of real time data increases rapidly. To be able to gain advantage from this data, it needs to find its way to centralized and intelligent systems. Creating competitive advantage through data analysis calls for clever interpretation strategies. Answering questions like: what would be the best next step? How can individual company initiatives be brought to the next level? How to develop industry standards? How to train and develop the workforce and how to evolve ICT solutions? In other words: WHAT’S NEXT?


Due to circumstances this event was cancelled.