Ubald Nienhuis : ICT is the key competitive factor

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  • 24/03/2016
Marstrat De Hoop Lobith

So if I were your customer at Marstrat, what is it exactly that you, Ubald Nienhuis, will do for me?

In one sentence? I take your process as it is now and change it to what you want it to be.

That’s it?

In essence yes. Of course, there is much more to it. My colleagues and I analyze the good things of your current process. We reflect with you on what the future may bring. We find out what will work for your organization, customers, products and culture. And what won’t. Together we define the “to be” situation. We detail the plan to get from here to there. Help you detail all the requirements. Devise your information model, select ICT tools, and drive the architecture behind it all. We manage the realization, the transition process, and drive the change. And involve you and your employees along that path.

Why is this interesting?,

To customers it should be interesting because, while you make money with clever, innovative products, you squander money by being bad at realizing them. I specialize in preventing the second part.

What makes you good at this?

All my life I worked on honing my soft skills (being sensitive to organizational behavior, overcoming resistance to change, stimulating people to grow, etc) and combine them with hardcore rational analysis (datamodels, ICT configuration, KPI’s, process models, etc). The same attitude of combining soft and hard skills applies to all Marstrat specialists.

Why choose you?

Primarily because I understand the business and the underlying dynamics and decision-making. Also because we are highly motivated by it. And I have done it before.

What will the future bring?

I think that companies insufficiently realize the change that is going on right now. Data is the key to success. ICT is the key competitive factor. Automation and technical integration will take on forms not believed possible. And the organization will have to follow suit. A fun time if you stay ahead of the pack, a scary time if you don’t.