Marstrat - operational management - shipbuilding

Operational management

Marstrat helps clients with improving their production processes in shipbuilding, and the implementation of change programs in maritime and offshore-related production and service companies. Services range from ICT and automation processes to big-data management.

Examples of our work are performance improvement of company processes, assessment of design and engineering software solutions, second opinions on the ICT infrastructure, information architecture consultancy, and change management related to process, data, organisation and ICT of the company. An integrated approach to improve highly intertwined area’s in shipbuilding and the maritime / offshore industry.

In respect of shipping and offshore vessels, we have technical knowledge to prepare surveys for acquisitions, or provide a second opinion for the bank. For larger specialist assignments we can coordinate and select the right operational partner.

Marstrat - market intelligence

Market intelligence

Successful business starts with excellent market insights. Marstrat’s unique combination of business, financial, and operational experience enables us to offer in-depth market research, country reports and feasibility studies.

Together with you we create custom made cross disciplinary solutions, whether you are a foreign partner interested in the Netherlands, or a European player seeking new possibilities outside the continent. We speak the language of the sector and understand the international markets.

One of the most underestimated aspects of the maritime business is networking, and public performance of the company. We do not only have a wide network of contacts in the maritime community, but in regional, national and European governments as well. We have the right expertise when it comes to maritime public affairs. Clients include ship owners, shipyards, supply industries, trade associations and governments. Examples of activities are: policy evaluation and maritime network setup for governments, acquisition strategy, and subsidy consultation.

We offer a highly personalized approach and make you feel comfortable when meeting your international partners of the future.

Marstrat - financial solutions

Financial solutions

The volatile maritime markets have experienced periods of downturn during which companies want to continue delivering to clients and also benefit from attractive new opportunities.

Marstrat supports you in finding the right funding structure, deal with liquidity challenges and find new sources of capital. We also understand how to manage and control financial risk.

For shipping and offshore asset owners, Marstrat offers shipping finance and M&A advice and support with restructurings and (bank) negotiations. For financial institutions we are partner to provide investment management and work-out support.

Operating from Rotterdam, we are in the middle of an impressive network of ship owners, technical service providers, banks as well as insurance and tax advisors. International companies find Marstrat in establishing Dutch presence, benefitting from a favourable maritime business environment.

Marstrat is your partner to succesfully close new projects or asset acquisitions, with funding from traditional or alternative capital providers.

Marstrat - Maritime Strategy Implemented - boardroom consulting

Boardroom consulting

In the dynamic maritime markets companies can face management, legal or process related challenges that only surface when a problem or opportunity suddenly occurs.

Marstrat can respond swiftly and provide support in areas such as contract management, turnarounds and operational performance improvement. Marstrat can support with strategy development for new business challenges around sustainability and the energy transition.

Projects include the setup of (offshore/shipbuilding) contracts, contract management assistance at complex situations during the shipbuilding process or execution of offshore contracts, and conflict management with clients or competitors. Marstrat also offers business development support or lobby in order to establish new relationships or enter new markets. We have a very active maritime network in the Netherlands and abroad, which can link you to new opportunities. We serve shipyards, maritime supply companies, and shipowners.

Our people fulfill interim management as well as supervisory board functions. Marstrat simplifies, organises and supports in order to solve your cross-disciplinary maritime challenges. We speak the language of the sector and understand the international markets.