Market intelligence

The world is our playingfield

Market intelligence

Successful business starts with excellent market insights. Marstrat’s unique combination of business, financial, and operational experience enables us to offer in-depth market research, country reports and feasibility studies.

Together with you we create custom made cross disciplinary solutions, whether you are a foreign partner interested in the Netherlands, or a European player seeking new possibilities outside the continent. We speak the language of the sector and understand the international markets.

One of the most underestimated aspects of the maritime business is networking, and public performance of the company. We do not only have a wide network of contacts in the maritime community, but in regional, national and European governments as well. We have the right expertise when it comes to maritime public affairs. Clients include ship owners, shipyards, supply industries, trade associations and governments. Examples of activities are: policy evaluation and maritime network setup for governments, acquisition strategy, and subsidy consultation.

We offer a highly personalized approach and make you feel comfortable when meeting your international partners of the future.