Financial solutions

Ship FinanceThe volatile maritime markets have experienced periods of downturn during which companies want to continue delivering to clients and also benefit from attractive new opportunities. Marstrat supports you in finding the right funding structure, deal with liquidity challenges and find new sources of capital. We also understand how to manage and control financial risk.

For shipping and offshore asset owners, Marstrat offers shipping finance and M&A advice and support with restructurings and (bank) negotiations. For financial institutions we are partner to provide investment management and work-out support.

Operating from Rotterdam, we are in the middle of an impressive network of ship owners, technical service providers, banks as well as insurance and tax advisors. International companies find Marstrat in establishing Dutch presence, benefitting from a favourable maritime business environment.

Marstrat is your partner to succesfully close new projects or asset acquisitions, with funding from traditional or alternative capital providers.

We are a small-sized shipowner, and have a longstanding relationship with a bank, however recently we do not feel the support from them when facing a difficult market environment. Marstrat understands shipping finance and the process of negotiating, resulting in a fine outcome for our company.

We had this opportunity to acquire a vessel from a German bank, but had to move very quickly. It is good to have an independent partner to come up with a plan to make it work on the financing.