Adriaen Winckers - Marstrat

Adriaen Winckers joins Marstrat as Associate Partner

Marstrat welcomes Adriaen Winckers as an associated partner. From his background as a Naval Architect, Adriaen developed leadership skills in the maritime and offshore contracting industry. 

Being an independent and strategic thinker, he thinks out-of-the-box with an eye for public relations. He is ready to use his broad knowledge and experience to assist companies in supervisory and advisory roles.

Expanding competitive advantage

The world is rapidly changing around us“, says Adriaen. “Energy transition, big data, stakeholder value, and sustainability reporting have an accelerated influence on companies. Continuing business as usual is no guarantee anymore for a healthy future of an organization. Sometimes a fresh look is needed in order to make the company future-proof. By making clear choices, the compass of the company can be focused on maintaining or expanding its competitive advantage.”

Adriaen’s track record is in maritime and offshore contracting, working at leading companies such as Bluestream Offshore and Smit International. He is capable of translating complex issues around regulations and sustainability/QHSE topics into workable solutions, without losing the business aspects.

Helping clients improve their business

Marstrat Partner Harry Doze: “By joining the team, Adriaen is further strengthening Marstrat’ s knowledge regarding the maritime industry, especially offshore industry, sustainability, and energy transition. The other partners and I are looking forward to team up with Adriaen and help clients improve their business”.