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Smart Maintenance Business Lunch, The Next Steps

Martin Bloem |

If you are interested in smart maintenance of your maritime assets, we invite you to join the Smart Maintenance Business Lunch. This high level event will take place on Wednesday September 5th 2018 in Hamburg. The lunch is co-organised by leading European companies and is part of the Smart Holland Day at SMM, the leading international maritime trade fair.

Combining serious topics with good food and excellent networking opportunities will be the formula, just like the successful event two years ago. In this edition, industry experts will share their views on how to turn data into revenue. Apart from getting acquainted with the latest insights on these topics the gastro lunch is the perfect opportunity to entertain your guests. Reserve your company table now, in order to get the best placement possible in the room.

The Dutch ambassador to Germany, HE Wepke Kingma, will perform the opening speech in the presence of  the Vice-Mayor of Rotterdam and the Vice-Mayor of the Drecht Cities.

Program Smart Maintenance Business Lunch, The Next Steps

The event is moderated by Mrs. Mai Elmar, executive director of Cruise Port Rotterdam and chairwoman of the Maritime Board Rotterdam.

  • 11.30 hours: Doors open
  • 12.00 hours: Opening speech HE Mr. Wepke Kingma, the Dutch ambassador to Germany
  • 12.05 hours: 1st pitch on behalf of Royal IHC; Valorisation of smart maintenance
  • 12.20 hours: Starter
  • 12.35 hours: Presentation ‘Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe’
  • 12.50 hours: 2nd pitch on behalf of Siemens; Cross-overs in smart maintenance
  • 13.05 hours: Main course
  • 13.30 hours: 3rd pitch on behalf of IFS Benelux; Young professionals in maintenance
  • 13.45 hours: Walking desert and networking
  • 14.00 hours: Closing ceremony

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Target audience

Decisionmakers from the international maritime industry are invited to participate in the event.


Radisson Blue Hotel*
Marseiller Str. 2
20355 Hamburg

*Walking distance of the Hamburg Messe


Maximum attention: order your own company table* for only € 1500,- excluding VAT.
Single seats: join individually or with your clients for € 100,- excluding VAT per person.

 *seats 10 people

Additional information

Feel free to contact Bianca Visser of Marstrat for inquiries via or +316 414 027 42.


The Smart Maintenance Business Lunch is organised by Marstrat, IFS Benelux and Netherlands Maritime Technology and part of the Smart Holland Day.

This non-profit event is made possible by:


Jenny Coenen

Announcement – Ubald Nienhuis & Jenny Coenen

Jenny Coenen |

Mr. Ubald Nienhuis PhD MBA, partner of Marstrat since its inception in 2015, has decided to pursue a new challenge. Ubald has been very successfully leading various projects in the field of shipbuilding and process design and acted as advisor on performance improvements of leading players in the maritime (construction) sector.

As of May 1, 2018 Ubald has assumed the responsibility as head of Shipbuilding in the Executive Committee of Royal IHC. We are grateful for Ubald’s valuable contribution to Marstrat over the years and wish him all the best in his new role.

Mrs. Jenny Coenen PhD,  consultant at Marstrat since 2015, has been promoted to partner as per June 1 2018.

Jenny combines a solid background in shipbuilding and technological processes with both analytical skills and creativity. As an experienced consultant, trainer and lecturer she worked in both research and industry projects, in ship production and shipyard processes. Jenny is skilled in the fields of maritime processes, data, operations and risk management and adds value to teams that need support in structuring complicated problems. She was affiliated with IHC Dredgers (part of Royal IHC) as Development Engineer and with Technical University Delft as Assistant Professor. Jenny holds an MSc degree in Maritime Engineering and a PhD in Ship Production from TU Delft.

We wish Jenny all the best in her new role. The Marstrat office can be contacted for any requests for consultancy services in Jenny’s field of experience.


Marstrat – Gold Sponsor of the Maritime Awards Gala 2018

Raymond Ko |

Marstrat proudly announces to be Gold Sponsor of the Maritime Awards Gala 2018 (MAG). The Rotterdam based maritime consultancy firm has been a participant of the MAG over the years and is honored to support this year’s edition which will take place on Monday 12 November at the Taets Art and Event Park in Amsterdam.

Marstrat and MAG share the same vision when it comes to highlighting the significance of the Dutch maritime industry: ranging from creating world class innovative solutions and highly advanced shipbuilding to realizing sustainable maritime solutions with the strong support of maritime finance providers. Marstrat has been involved in various mandates promoting the Dutch maritime sector internationally and has been guiding companies and the public sector to develop business activities locally.

MAGEvery year almost 900 maritime professionals attend the annual networking event to celebrate the innovative power and achievements of the Dutch maritime industry. The event hosts five prestigious awards in the categories designer, innovation, ship-of-the-yearshipping and student innovation.

Marstrat is a strategic consultancy firm based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands that provides a unique combination of business, financial, and operational expertise to the maritime sector. Marstrat simplifies, organises and supports in order to solve your cross-disciplinary maritime challenges. Marstrat’s partners speak the language of the sector and understand the international markets. They have extensive experience, and an undisputed track record in the maritime sector.

Photo credit: Ruud Aantjes – Navingo


Talking tugs

Martin Bloem |

Over the past ten years, the world fleet increased from roughly 75,000 ships to almost 95,000 (+26%). The total gross tonnage went from 773 million to 1,300 million (+68%). Typically when tonnage grows faster than number, average ship size goes up. In order to manage this fleet rise, tugs are needed. Consequently, worldwide tug capacity would go up. In fact that is exactly what happens over the past ten years. The number of tugs in the world grew with 47% from 13,000 to 19,000 and GT grew in the same pace (+53%).

World fleet of tugs 2017 - Marstrat

Sofar for the good news. Positive as it looks, a further examination learns that since 2014 the average age of tugs goes up from 21.7 years to 23.4 years. In four years time the global fleet aged on average with 1.7 years. In the years before an opposite trend was visible.

Slightly disturbing is the number of new tugs delivered to the market. In the good old days a monthly delivery of 50 tugs was shown, with a peak of close to a stunning 200 in January 2013. Now monthly worldwide deliveries of 20 ships with no significant peaks are the new normal.

It seems the tug market shows signs of overcapacity. Probably this is caused by a high contracting activity and subsequent deliveries in the period until 2012. After this years new orders almost lineary decreased to the depressed numbers nowadays. On the one side it appears the tug fleet is too numerous and needs rationalization given the increasing age. On the other hand, the drivers of the tug market show positive signals again: oil prices are going up with increased offshore and terminal operations. Moreover, the world economy and seaborne trade show clear signs of recovery. Beyond the horizon there is hope.

There is surely hope for shipyards in the longer term, but in the short term the construction of tug boats is expected to remain expressively weak. In this market only a few dedicated shipbuilders can survive. My bets are on Damen Shipyards Group because of their economies of scale, standardization, diversification, unique approach to R&D and their unbeatable marketing power in upcoming regions across the globe. We cross our fingers for the future, but we are confident for the winners.

Tug deliveries 2017 - Marstrat


Photo gallery Think and Drink 2017

Marstrat |

On September 28th Charles Groenhuijsen gave an inspiring presentation on how Trump led protectionism and disruptive creativity impacts the maritime industry during the annual Think an Drink at KRZV De Maas.

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Is your maritime business ready for recovery?

Raymond Ko |

We hear positive noises in the markets from brokers, researchers, ship-owners and even bankers. The global economy and international trade is recovering from the downturn and our clients see improvements in turnover and margins. It looks as if the worst is behind us!

In the Netherlands most companies active in maritime supply or ship building are still trying to make ends meet whilst other sectors in the Dutch economy are recovering. The investment climate however is good: asset prices are modest, demand is growing and interest rates are still low. The Netherlands is still a very attractive place to establish a maritime business. Rotterdam as Maritime Capital of Europe is going strong and disruptive creativity with 3D printing, block chain, and big data will accelerate maritime business efficiency. Charles Groenhuijsen mentioned all this during the Marstrat Think & Drink.

On the back of positive signs in the maritime sector, Marstrat has been involved in many projects showing diversity of our capabilities. We have put together a platform to drive maritime regional promotion, which is in high demand in various parts of the country and abroad. In the field of financial solutions, we have advised a Dutch family business, a US investment fund as well as a public Norwegian offshore company on funding and shipping finance. We are keen to support you as well to make a deal in an environment where funding is a challenge.

Marstrat has travelled West and East and identified exiting developments in the promising energy market in Mexico. Also in Turkey and Thailand we have put our maritime expertise to work where maritime business activity is recuperating.

Investment Guide Deal Drecht Cities

Regional maritime policy emerging

Martin Bloem |

A new phenomenon is rising in The Netherlands: regional initiatives for promotion and policy specifically focused on the maritime sector. Recently, Rotterdam started the branding campaign ‘Maritime Capital of Europe‘. The city started up a top level Maritime Board for attracting new business from abroad. The Drecht Cities are active under the brand ‘Drecht Cities Maritime Delta‘, and West Holland. Schiedam, a city next to Rotterdam, is starting an initiative and in the North of Holland, the Province of Groningen is gearing up with a new campaign.

Marstrat’s Martin Bloem is specialist in regional maritime partnerships, and was co-founder of the Drecht Cities Campaign. His explanation of the new trend is simple: “International competition is getting stronger and stronger. Not only at company level but also between governments. Maritime companies create jobs and welfare, with a large economic impact. In this context, governments do not want to sit on their hands.

Typical subjects of regional policy are economic promotion and acquisition, Small and Medium sized Companies (SME) policy, education and technology, and creating a favorable business climate in general. Active politicians with heart for the industry often initiate regional policy. While governments with strong support of industry carry out first investments.

Marstrat is able to set up local or regional maritime initiatives in Europe or beyond. Bloem: “We can take it from a first idea, through campaign set up, to the physical program management. If more regions join, at the end of the day we would create a true, flourishing maritime economy of regions.