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Adriaen Winckers

Adriaen Winckers is a professional with 30 years of experience in the international Maritime, Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind industry. With his technical roots he is highly analytical and able to quickly process and master complex matters. As well as being able to translate this into practical solutions.

He is an independent and strategic thinker, who thinks out-of-the-box, but also a relationship builder and diplomat. Ready to use his broad knowledge and experience to assist companies in supervisory and advisory roles.

Adriaen holds a MSc Naval Architect from Delft Technical University. Starting out as an engineer (naval architect) he soon acted as Engineering Manager on major marine/civil projects. After gaining substantial operational experience he moved into commercial and business development roles, including development and negotiation of marine construction contracts and larger multiple party contracts. He built up his international contracting experience across Europe and, during his secondment in Singapore, in the Far East.

Back in Europe, Adriaen became general manager of a company specialized in the subsea equipment development and fabrication. The past 17 years he has been working in the offshore subsea and service industry in a variety of roles ranging from QHSE, commercial management to business development and as technical director. Recently he completed the program for Supervisory Board Members at Nyenrode Business School.

Areas of expertise:
  • Sparring partner for management boards, supervisory and/or advisory boards, investors
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Contract management and negotiation support
  • Partnership development
  • Second opinion / review of business and strategy plans

Hein Velema

Hein Velema supports companies in the maritime and superyacht industry to develop their strategy and adjust their organisation to the constantly changing environment. His strength is to help management teams to develop a shared vision on the future and to translate that vision in every aspect of design, engineering, production, sales, marketing and collaboration with other parties in the industry.

Hein started his consultancy career at M&I/PARTNERS working with some of the largest profit and non-profit organizations in the Netherlands. Here is where Hein developed his skills to quickly analyze and visualize complex both strategic and operational problems and to create acceptance amongst all stakeholders to implement solutions.

Hein left his consultancy job to become director at Feadship, the most prestigious Dutch yacht builder where he became responsible for coordination of sales, marketing and strategic development. Later he also became general manager of De Voogt Naval Architects, responsible for all design and engineering within the Feadship group. Here is where Hein used his consultancy experience to restructure the engineering process to shorten the building process. While being director at Feadship, Hein was an active board member and president of the Holland Yachting Group and also the founding president of the international Super Yacht Builders Association (SYBAss).

Just before the financial crisis, Hein moved to Monaco to become CEO of Fraser Yachts, at that time the world’s number 4 service provider active in brokerage, new build, charter, yacht management and crew placement with offices in 7 different countries. But soon the market changed dramatically and understanding the structural changes in customers behavior became crucial to survive and succeed. Fraser Yachts was the first to adapt their strategy and organization to this new reality and as a result became the number 1 brokerage house in the superyacht industry.

Since then Hein worked as consultant, interim manager and trainer with numerous players in the superyacht industry from shipyards, brokerage houses, associations, media companies and family offices around the world.

Areas of expertise:

  • Superyacht Industry
  • Strategy and change management
  • Design and engineering management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Intercompany collaboration
  • Training

Harry Doze

Having an academic and practical background in legal and ICT, Harry Doze LLM is able to combine different area’s of expertise. His multi-disciplinary approach was brought into practice through management and supervisory board positions at several maritime organizations, in different segments of the maritime market. Thanks to his unique analytic capabilities and his creativity, solutions can be found for the most complex business issues.

For more than 25 years he has held management positions in a variety of companies. This makes him pre-eminently the right man for (interim) management or supervisory management, combining a birds-eye view and a specific focus when necessary. Harry knows management and organization, and he has a profound insight in the (international) maritime markets. This makes him the right sparring-partner at C-level.

Harry has been active both as an interim manager and as a member of the supervisory board at different companies in the maritime industry. He worked in close co-operation with financial stakeholders and institutions during challenging turn around and/or restructuring situations. Also his knowledge is called upon to support management in complex or high risk projects, where (strategic) legal and practical competences have to be combined.

Areas of expertise:
  • (Interim) management & turn around
  • Restructuring
  • Supervisory board positions
  • Strategic analysis
  • Contract management
  • Supervise project management (complex or high risk projects)
  • Soundboard for C-level management

Meindert van Genderen

Meindert van Genderen MSc Eng MBA has a critical mind and an eye for innovation. He has over 15 years of senior management experience in shipping and offshore innovation. His keen insights in market research and branding are of great value to our customers.

Meindert was trained at TU Delft in maritime engineering and naval structure. Later on he completed his studies, by getting an executive MBA from RSM Erasmus University; Europe’s top business school. During this course he prepared himself for senior management challenges and further developed his leadership and team-building skills.

In his career, Meindert covered a variety of functions; ranging from departmental and general management, leading multi-functional teams, departments and companies, in varying phases of the business cycle at Nile Dutch Africa Line BV and Rolldock NV.

Specialized in the fields of Chartering, Operations, Ship Management and New Building, he combines technical know-how with extensive analytical skills.

Areas of expertise:
  • Program and Project Management
  • Contract and Negotiation Support
  • Strategy Development
  • Valuations, technical and economic feasibility studies and second opinions

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