How to survive your maritime business during the COVID-19 crisis and thereafter

As maritime consultants to shipyards, shipping companies, investors, equipment suppliers and the government we are continuously analysing how the future of our industry will develop in the short and long term.

Some principal questions arise for many decision makers in our industry.

  • How can working practices in shipbuilding and related manufacturing processes adapt to an economy with social distancing? Will robotization plans accelerate ?
  • Will demand for transport such as oil, steel and manufactured goods continue to grow as before COVID-19? How can my shipping company as a result of this sustain a period of reduced turnover and how can I financially survive?
  • How will the supply of shipping capacity adjust to the new demand? There are currently hardly any new orders for newbuild vessels. How long will this situation last and what scenario’s should I run to determine my funding gap?
  • Will the cruise market come back to life and will consumers in the future still want to be entertained with 1,000+ people on a ship? Will the superyacht market benefit from this and how can I enter this market?

The innovative Dutch maritime sector can play an important role in transforming some of the developments reshaping our industry for the future. European governments are providing support in various ways and are expected to do more in the months to come.

A quick reset of our industry can accelerate better and more sustainable working processes and products. We believe a crisis is the moment to adapt quickly and turn challenges into opportunities for the post-corona economy.

In the end this crisis is unique and affects the global maritime industry and therefore you want your business to come out stronger relative to your competitors.

We will provide you with regular updates on key developments during the COVID-19 crisis, via our website and social media, so stay tuned.

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