Never Waste a Good Crisis, Be Ready For The Virtual Transformation

The Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport expects no large events will be allowed for the next year. Without major trade shows it will be a challenge to maintain and develop business networks as well as launch new products and services.

How can maritime companies present themselves, build their network and meet their prospective clients? The basic rules of business have not changed. But to be successful we have to adapt the way of working.

Digital tools already had a big impact. Everyone is using video conferencing internally and to communicate with existing contacts. Webinars have become a common way to be informed in larger networks. But how can similar tools be used in early stages of the marketing and sales process? How can they replace trade shows and in person meetings?

One way to fill the gap is to develop virtual events and it is expected that they will revolutionize our way of doing business. Existing event organizers will try to come up with solutions trying to save their collapsing business models. More creative initiatives could come from new players in this market who don’t have the need to protect their old pricing policy. Companies who are successful in defining their virtual strategy will have a comparative advantage.

This crisis also created opportunities. This is the time for trade associations to gain control and steer the developments in a direction which is in the best interest of their members. But also individual companies can develop digital marketing and sales strategies using virtual technology. The ones with the best solutions gain marketshare.

Marstrat is at the forefront of these developments. Together with associations and individual companies we prepare virtual events and marketing and sales processes are being digitalized. We help to create new concepts, select software, execute pilot projects and organize the implementation. We focus on the experience of the buyer and find the best way to support the visitors’ journey. We believe that – also in the digital world – meeting real people in real time are crucial to create trust and doing business.

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