Programme Superyacht Cluster Matching event 22 April

Marstrat is one of the organisers of the Superyacht Cluster Matching event that will be held on 22 April. We are pleased to announce the programme.

The event includes several workshops, with a special focus on innovations and sustainability. Each workshop will consist of 5-minute presentation by suppliers followed up by a Q&A, moderated by an industry expert.


  • Zero emissions
    The IMO’s goal is to reduce CO2 emissions with at least 40% by 2030 and 70% by 2050. How are superyachts going to achieve that? Do we need new fuels or new propulsion systems? Which suppliers have technologies that can help shipyards to achieve their ambition?
  • Energy efficiency
    Reducing Green House Gasses goes further than propulsion. For example, the hotel load of superyachts can be reduced with energy efficient systems. Which suppliers have innovative solutions that can have a substantial contribution to the sustainability of superyachts?
  • Sustainable supply chain
    The way superyachts are built has an impact on our environment. New technologies, new ways of producing and new materials can have a positive influence on the sustainability of superyachts. Which suppliers offer shipyards innovative solutions?


An important part of the virtual event will be the business-to-business meetings between Italian and Dutch companies. Matchmaking and Marketplace will be available during the entire event (9:00 – 17:00 CET), attendees will be able to sign up for matchmaking based on their profile and preferences. 

Don’t hesitate to contact Marstrat if you are interested and put your company in the spotlight to connect with possible clients.


The event is organised in collaboration with the Holland Yachting Group and made possible by Rotterdam Maritime Capital of EuropeTopsector Water & MaritiemCamera di Commercio di Lucca, and Lucca Promos

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