Successful first meeting of Dutch regional maritime clusters

Nederland Maritiem Land and Marstrat BV took the initiative to connect the leading Dutch regional maritime clusters. During a successful meeting on the 9th of June various regional administrators worked on identifying cross-regional challenges, intensifying cooperation, and to share lessons learned.

The first steps towards a nation wide plan for recovery were set. The meeting was organised by Nederland Maritiem Land (NML), the network organisation of the Dutch maritime industry.

Marstrat is closely involved with the maritime clusters of Rotterdam, Drechtcities and Groningen. According to Marstrat-partners Harry Doze and Martin Bloem it is important to increase the involvement of regional administrators with the maritime industry. ‘Every region and municipality has its own DNA. Common interest can be found in the shared ambition and increased attention to support the maritime industry. Therefore it is important to connect and involve regional administrators to navigate away of the current crisis. Together with NML the regions are able to get topics such as nitrogen, industrial policy and maritime education on the agenda of national administrators in The Hague’